Why Marketing Programs Fail -Reason #6

Spamming the Customer

For this post I will consider spam any communication that is ill-timed, irrelevant, or over-used.  These are the type of communications that make customers scratch their heads – communications such as;

  • Dog food coupons to fish owners
  • Discounts to try a product when you are already a customer (and can’t use the offer)
  • Birthday greetings on your anniversary
  • Loyalty/rewards for items you do not have nearly enough points for

Regardless of the number of customers (or prospects) you have.  It’s important to have a plan for when and how frequently we communicate with them.  For organizations where there are multiple departments communicating with customer (such as field sales, inside sales, and online) it’s even more essential.  I am not suggesting everyone go out and buy a CRM system – although I know a number of Unica sales reps that would love the idea.  I am suggesting that in 80% of the cases you can have a streamlined communication flow if you do the following;

  • Have a 12 month marketing calendar and update it monthly on a rolling basis.
  • Flag records as they are used.  This can be as simple as a date/time-stamp.  Put rules around how long the record needs to ‘rest’ or under what conditions can the list be used again.
  • Be aware of other company initiatives and how they will impact the customer – have a monthly round-table with other departments to discuss what will be in market.
  • Piggy-back off other communications.  For example, if you do monthly billing add one of your messages to the invoice package so there is not a second communication going out to them.
  • Allow customers more options on opt-in pages so they can tell you when and how they want to be communicated with.

 By following these simple steps you will have happier customers and fewer headaches in the office. 

 Until next time, happy marketing.


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