Why Twitter Does Not Matter

I keep hearing people tell me that as a marketer, you have to be on Twitter.  In fact I have been a Twitter user for a little over a year and I still do not get why the channel is so important.  I liken Twitter to a movie title from the 1970’s – “A Bridge Too Far”.  What I mean by this is that it is one marketing channel too many – with fewer capabilities than other channels such as Facebook.

From my vantage point Twitter is nothing more than IM slightly turbocharged.  Over the course of the last few months I have noticed a significant decrease in relevant tweats.  As a result I pay less attention tweats overall and tune out the channel

There are only a few things Twitter does well.  These are;

  • Instant surveys
  • Posting job opportunities
  • Real-time commentary – with the caveat that you have to make sure the person doing the posting is real and not a ‘fake’ persona.  In the recent Iran protest, a number of pro recount tweats were really from the government and visa versa.

Here is what Twitter does not do well

  • Share information.  The whole tiny URL read this link sending it too crowded and increasingly ineffective.  No one has time to read everything that is twitted.
  • Create connections.  Facebook allows more flexibility in creating a full view of the user. 128 characters and a small profile photo are insufficient create a real bond
  • Create a brand.  A extension of the above comment

 It’s also important to remember that Twitter has not made a profit as of yet.  Adding ad units to tweats will only diminish the value of the channel to the user.  My prediction: In a few years we’ll look at Twitter the same way we viewed the Betamax and McDonald’s selling pizza.


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