Michael Jackson: An Under Appreciation

I don’t get the intense media coverage allocated to Michael Jackson.  True he was a good dancer and entertainer.  But most of his life was a freakish train-wreck.  I’m not sure his was a life worth celebrating.  Especially since his death took away from more media worthy events such as events in Iran, national health care and yes Farrah Faucet’s death

Do we really want to celebrate a person who tried to lighten his skin, change his face and diddle little boys (allegedly)?  It this what’s important to us?

My guess is that the idea of Michael Jackson was bigger than the reality of the person.  The more the media light shined on him the bigger the world made him.  This raised the bar for what was expected of every performance and in a large part made him more eccentric than he may have been otherwise.  As a result we paid even more attention to him.  He would have been better of if we just left him alone.

The “Dead People Server” on the internet best sums up Mr. Jackson’s life

Michael Jackson (singer/songwriter) — Dead. Cardiac arrest. Died June 25, 2009. Born August 29, 1958. Wildly eccentric performer, youngest member of the Jackson 5, major pop icon of the ’80s (“Thriller”, “Billie Jean”), married briefly to Lisa Marie Presley, acquitted child molester


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