Stupid Reasons Why Marketing Programs Fail

Here are ten “duh” errors that will cause a lot of pain and distress if you are not careful. 

  1. Links and 800 numbers and tracking codes are not tested in advance of going live
  2. A ‘manual’ spell check of the document is not completed
  3. The wrong file is mailed
  4. Legal review is skipped
  5. Fulfillment or service teams are not aware of the program’s launch
  6. The lettershop’s postage meter (or display property) is not funded
  7. The wrong artwork/creative is used
  8. The URL is not renewed
  9. Transposed data in results reporting
  10. Key dates/vendors are not adjusted to accommodate delays in the schedule

Always check and recheck your work.  Remember nothing is actually wrong until it is in the hand of the consumer.  It is always easier to fix something before it goes live (or to print) than after.

Enough said.


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One Response to “Stupid Reasons Why Marketing Programs Fail”

  1. David Forbes Says:

    # 11. Client data doesn’t actually support Marketing Strategist’s brilliantly designed program, because said Strategist didn’t look beyond meta data and client got wowed by “what I’d like to do” and not “what I can do as soon as I fix this”.

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